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“Inhale possibility, exhale creativity.”
~Laura Jaworski, author and artist

Neck Drawing
Albanian Girl Sticker
Art by Eralda Leaning Tower of Pisa


Artist Profile

Eralda Balaj, an immigrant from Albania, a public school art teacher, and an artist with the aspirations of sharing stories through illustrations. As a Manhattanville College graduate, Eralda uses both the techniques she learned from professors as well as her own self taught techniques to actively make artwork as much as she can. Currently she is selling her work online and when Eralda is not working on commissions, she is creating original works of art that resonate with her personal life. As a visual learner, Eralda believes that one of the best ways to communicate messages, ideas, beliefs, fears, memories, and life is through the hands of an artist.

Eralda Brushes


Mamaroneck, New York

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